Tuesday, 19 April 2011

LinkedIn For Business social networking

A few tips i received for improving LinkedIn profiles?

Ultimately it is your choice; but here are some pointers that should help you--

LinkedIn is now a major network for business and career minded professionals having just passed the 100 Million members milestone on March 22nd. (For some idea of scale; that number of business cards piled on top of each other would be well over three times the height of Everest; 96,425 ft versus 29,029 ft). That is a lot of people believing it has some value.

What is LinkedIn?
It is a place for professional and career minded individuals to reconnect, make contact or be referred hopefully to the benefit of all involved.
It is a place to talk with those you know and trust and to build a network via referral. If you are looking for expertise, personal progression or to research alternative business or career options you can use it to link with people that you can help or can help you.
It is not the type of social network to tweet, poke, prod or post pictures of your pets or what you may have got up to in the past (particularly in moments of excess).
In these challenging times, you can use it to:
• Build your brand
• Research options
• Prepare for referral meetings or interviews
• Maintain and build a network of professionals that you can help or be assisted by

What can you do to be more effective?
Here are a few tips that should help--
1. Upload a New Photo
If you have one, most likely the first thing that people will see and look at is your photograph. Could yours be improved? Every status update or group discussion comment and other site activity will display your photo. Make sure that it is clear, professional and not a poorly cropped holiday snap. You may also choose an appropriate back drop in context with your career. For example; if you are a scientist there might be a laboratory background. Human beings have a tremendous recall for images they have seen, so help people to recall you and what you do more readily.
2. Adding in Apps
You can lift your profile by adding some LinkedIn applications. Frequent travellers can try TripIt which lets you share your itineraries and set up appointments in the cities you visit. Google Presentation or Slide Share will let you add presentations to your profile to appeal to visual people. Reading List by Amazon lets you share reading lists and reviews with your connections. Google; “LinkedIn applications” and see what options might work for you.
3. Kick-Out Keywords that might be Tired and Overused
LinkedIn researched to find the most overused phrases for 2010 using over 85 Million LinkedIn profiles. They were;
• Extensive experience
• Innovative
• Motivated
• Results-oriented
• Dynamic
• Proven track record
• Team player
• Fast-paced
• Problem solver
• Entrepreneurial

If you have these words in your profile, you might want to replace them with more specifics on what you delivered and achieved. Remember; differentiate yourself positively!
4. More Group Activity
Join relevant groups and participate. Thoughtful and considered comments will raise your profile and credibility within the groups you frequent. Look at starting your own discussion groups to help the other members out there. When you are the host, just like authors that get books published, there is an almost automatic assumption with regard to your knowledge and standing in the area concerned. The star contributors will stand out in the group. Make sure you become one of those stars.
Whatever you do with your use of any social or business networking - the more you put in and contribute the more you will enjoy and see by way of positive outcomes.

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