Thursday, 14 April 2011

Businesses on Facebook

Businesses are on Facebook, especially big brands and multinational companies. Small businesses, even those with only local operations, should start their own Facebook pages

Why facebook for Small businesses-

1. Facebook is a good way to start your online efforts.

Facebook is a good place to kick off. Everything is simple and easy to learn and it involves less investments than a full blown online campaign.

A Facebook page could easily give you a Web site without having to pay for an online host, a web designer, and anybody or anything involved in making a Web site happen. MAke shure you use the new IFrames and opportunities for running offers !!

2. Your customers are probably on Facebook.

With more than 400 million active users, your customers are probably Facebook users. If for anything, shouldn’t you be where your customers are?

It makes it easier for you to form a community with your customers in mind.

3. Facebook Pages are visible to everyone.

Facebook gives you an edge over your competitors. It allows you to get directly in touch with your Likers. Specifically, you could easily send them messages after they Like your page and every so often afterward. But more than that, you can develop a more personal relationship with your customers.

4. Facebook increases your customer’s engagement.

With the interaction you get from your Facebook page, it is easy to develop a more personal relationship with your customers.

5. Facebook allows you to gain more customers inexpensively and efficiently.

Having a Facebook page for your business is a low-cost investment. Spending time to interact with your Likers every day allows you to engage them.

An engaged customer, offline and online, will be recommending you to their friends much more often than unengaged customers.

Your customers’ contacts can see the pages they have Liked, so their contacts can very well see your business, too. One click and they are in your business page seeing your product photos and reading about you.

6. Facebook allows you to get to know your customers better.

The best thing about getting a Facebook page are the insights you get. Statistics as to what countries they are from, what sites they have visited before coming to your page, even their demographics and ages are easily viewed in Facebook.

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